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Rubicon Institute, LLC | St. Louis, MO

No Guts, No Gain! Workshop

Overcome Your Barriers to Success!

You’ll discover ways to...

• Identify and dismantle specific barriers that block your path to success

• Handle the everyday pressures that drain your time, energy, and resources

• Keep yourself motivated and avoid procrastination

• Accomplish the goals you set for yourself

• Overcome your fear of failure once and for all!


No Guts, No Gain! Curriculum

The Building Blocks of Success and Life Line
- A look at the realities of time and goals
- Long-term and short-term goals

Barriers to Success
- Pinpoint the things that hold people back
- Overcome the conceptual barriers

Failure, Risk, and Decision-Making
- Interrelationship of failure, risk, and decision-making
- Understanding your emotional risk & maximizing your outcome
- Identifying the reasons for procrastination
- Effective Decision-Making



Power Plays and Games
- The corrosive and destructive psychological phenomena
- The Power Plays - the effects and outcomes
- "Agressive vs "Assertive" Behavior
- The Persecutor, the Victim, and the Rescuer

Get Tough - The New You
- Legal Contracts and Up-Front Contracts
- Salespeople's Bill of Rights

 Sandler's 9 Articles

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

9 am - 12 pm

$399 General Admission Investment

$249 for Rubicon Institute | Sandler Clients


Includes lunch & all training materials