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Sales Tips & Insights

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Rule #1 for Sales Leaders: Use a Common Process

Here’s a mystery. We have a common language and a common process for every single department in the organization, except Sales.

Rule # 11 for Sales Leaders: Manage Behavior, Not Results

Create a cookbook for both your sales people and you, as a sales leader and watch your numbers jump through the roof.

Sales Tip—Sandler Rule #1: You Have to Learn to Fail to Win

You have to fail to find what you're truly capable of achieving. Bob Annoni explains Sandler rule #1: You have to learn to fail to win.

Sales Tip—Sandler Rule #2: Don't Spill your Candy in the Lobby

Uncover your prospect's needs before you share your expertise. Listen as Karl Graf explains Rule #2: Don't spill your candy in the lobby.

Sandler Rule #24: Product Knowledge at the Wrong Time is Intimidating

Don't get overly eager to use your product knowledge. Listen as Jody Williamson discusses Sandler Rule #24.

LinkedIn the Sandler Way Webinar

LinkedIn the Sandler Way Webinar - Five secrets for how salespeople should leverage the world's largest professional network and ten actions to can take to start social selling!