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Rubicon Institute, LLC | St. Louis, MO

Why Have a Selling System Workshop


Learn a systematic approach to selling


Many salespeople “wing it,” cross their fingers, and hope that they get the sale. They do not have a systematic approach that guides them through the sales process from start to finish.

During this 90 minute interactive workshop, participants will learn a tried-and-true, step-by-step selling system that results in predictable outcomes and allows the sales professional to be in control of the sales interaction.


You or your team should consider attending if you are....

  • Struggling to convert leads into sales
  • Having difficulty finding qualified prospects
  • Frustrated that the prospect holds all the cards
  • Concerned about experiencing longer and longer sales cycles
  • Uncomfortable not having a system that will help you take control of the sales process
  • Unsure how to uncover your prospect's reasons to buy